About Us

DISCOVER SURINAME is a private initiative. It is a program, running from 2019 to 2029, to help increase investments, trade relations and improving entrepreneurship in Suriname.

DISCOVER SURINAME is not an official agency and does not have a contract with the ministry of Foreign Affairs (BIBIS) in Suriname.

SITA is the official investment & trade agency for Suriname: www.sita.sr

The DISCOVER SURINAME program and this website are an initiative of Mark Paauwe and Monique Lew. DISCOVER SURINAME is supported by many people from Suriname.

The www.discover-suriname.com website is a one-stop-shop for foreign investors, entrepreneurs and students, but also for Surinamese enterpreneurs.

DISCOVER SURINAME provides four types of services: Discovery Services, Guidance Services, Event Services and Education Services.

DISCOVER SURINAME supports companies on their way to establishing a business in Suriname. Our comprehensive services include individual initial consultation but also the establishment of a company. With multilingual support, your market entry into Suriname will be a complete success. For instance: did you know they speak fluent English and Dutch in Suriname?

Delegation trips allow companies to get to know the potentials of the target market on site. Furthermore, the establishment of business contacts is promoted. Within the scope of a delegation trip, DISCOVER SURINAME organizes briefings and networking-events. Moreover, you can get worthwhile insights. For instance into the workflow and production conditions of Surinamese firms within planned visits or meetings with enterprise representatives.

Due to the close cooperation with the embassy and the consulate, meetings with political representatives are also possible. Last but not least you can benefit from the organizational, linguistic and cultural expertise of our employees. Depending on the thematic focus of the delegation and the requests of the participants, DISCOVER SURINAME offers the following services:

Discovery Services

DISCOVER SURINAME makes sure you will know everything about the country and the people of Suriname. DISCOVER SURINAME offers documentaries, testimonials and information about the people, the culture and the country. Once you know Suriname better, you will see that doing trade is much easier to do.

Guidance Services

The DISCOVER SURINAME has full range of services that helps you as an entrepreneur to do an even better job in trading with Suriname or setting up a company:

  • Fact-Finding Mission
  • Suriname Market Entry Package
  • Support for starting up a Private Limited Company
  • Representation of your organization in Suriname by the local business people
  • Finding a potential business partner in Suriname
  • Finding potential clients (prospects) in Suriname
  • Doing Market Research for you in Suriname
  • Example contracts
  • Status report of business – background information
  • Professional translations of product and services information
  • Your website for the Surinamese market and social media in Suriname
  • Building a report with Market Information based on your questions
  • Supporting the request for innovation subsidies and getting investments/funding
  • Personal guidance in Suriname for one day

Event Services

Every year we organize events and conference and we organize missions to Suriname

Education Services

Through the year you can participate in Masterclasses and Workshops to learn all about trends, new technologies and business opportunities in Suriname.

Checkout the page with training courses on this site.

Business Opportunities