Do you want to study or research in Suriname?

A child's best interests are of paramount importance in every matter concerning the child. - Minister of Education, Lillian Ferrier.

DISCOVER SURINAME is the investment and trade promotion program of Suriname.
Next to investors and entrepreneurs, we also invite students, teachers, professors and educational institutions to come to Suriname, but within limits and with respect to the country.

Also we try to increase entrepreneurship in Suriname among students. Domestic and foreign.

Here you can find out how you can study, innovate and start up a new business as student in Suriname.

Study in Suriname and Research in the Amazon

Suriname maybe one of the greatest places to study. The country is covered by 93% with the untouched Amazon rainforest. That means that the most beautiful nature, flora and fauna is never far away. Actually it is everywhere at your doorstep.

Suppose you want to study how and why fruits and vegetables grow so easily, you have more to study than you can do in one lifetime.

Suriname has many species of trees and still undiscovered species of trees. But that also goes for frogs, birds, bugs, snakes and many other animals and plants. So if you want to discover new unseen things, Suriname is your place of study.

Next to flora and fauna, Suriname has many different ethnic and religious groups that live in harmony together.

We also have people living in the rainforest that make use of unknown forest medicines. So the Surinamese culture, traditions and habits are also very interesting topics to study and research

Be an Adventurer

Suriname is not yet a common country to come for a study. There is only one university in the capital Paramaribo, and there are no foreign universities that have started up yet.

The benefit of this is that you as a student, teacher or professor, can be an adventurer to do things for the first time.

Normally Surinamese people are friendly, warm and open. So if you are discovering new places and need help or have questions, you will always find someone that will help you.

Primary School Education and Innovation

It is the vision of the minister of education that innovation in primary school education is not equal to bringing as many computers as possible into the classroom.

Of course, digital education has its benefits, but educating children is a complex activity involving a lot of psychological challenges.

In Suriname, we welcome foreign primary schools and institutions that want to innovate and bring a new way of education into the country, but respect the vision and policies on education.

Starting up a Foreign University or High School

There are opportunities to start up a foreign university or high school in Suriname. If you are interested to learn more about this, please contact us.

Start up a Company as Student

Next to studying in Suriname, we want to stimulate students to start up companies in Suriname.

We have a special start up package to make it very easy to start up a company in Suriname as a student. For more information, please contact us.


The following organizations are currently open for internships:

  • Academic Hospital Paramaribo
  • Paramaribo Zoo
  • Embassy in Brussels

Please contact the ministry of education for details and more options for internship.

Contact Information

If you plan to come to Suriname for study, for an internship or want to start up an educational institute, please contact the following organizations:

Ministry of Education

Dr. S. Kafiluddistraat 117 - 123
Paramaribo, Suriname
+597 498850 / +597 497954

University of Suriname

Leysweg 86 | P.O.B: 9212
Paramaribo, Suriname
+597 465558

Polytechnic College Suriname

Slangenhoutstraat 99a
Paramaribo, Suriname
+597 402509