Do you want to enjoy your holiday in Suriname?

Suriname as a country is a real treasure. It is a rainforest that is part of the Amazon. 93% of the surface of Suriname is covered with jungle and we want to keep it that way.

Everyone is invited to come to Suriname and enjoy a holiday, but with the utmost respect for our nature and people.


Paramaribo is the capital of Suriname, with a population of 240.000 people. Most people that visit Suriname start off with a hotel stay in Paramaribo. Various hotels and resorts will welcome you with open arms. And there you will start your first taste of Suriname culture.

Things to do in Paramaribo


There are various places you can visit deep in the forest of Suriname. But what you will notice is that every there is a lack of western society facilities, except mobile phone coverage and WIFI/internet. There is yet hardly commerce in the small village and facilities that are there are still small scale.

The huge benefit of this that it keeps the rainforest, its wildlife and nature untouched.

Having a holiday without a lot of luxury in Suriname is very different from having a holiday somewhere. But what you get in return is worth much more. Everyone that has visited Suriname will have new memories for a lifetime.

Danpaati River Lodge

Hiking Trails

A part of the ecotourism there are various hiking trails, meaning you can wander guided through the jungle for a day, focused on certain plants or animals:
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Paramaribo Zoo

Suriname has one zoo: Paramaribo Zoo. You will find animals that are rare to see in the wild in Suriname. In 2019 various parts of the zoo were upgraded so today it is really worth a visit.


For some countries people are required to get a visa before traveling to Suriname. Contact the authorities in your country to check if you need a visa for Suriname.

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