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Business Opportunities for EU Entrepreneurs, Investors and Students in Suriname

Suriname is for every investor, entrepreneur and student in the EU the biggest opportunity to startup and invest in a sustainable company in the amazon.

As part of Caricom, Suriname has a trade agreement with the EU, freeing the way for any type of import or export business.

Ecotourism, AgriTech, eHealth, IT, High Tech and many other areas of industry are waiting for you to start your business in.

The relations between the EU and Suriname

EU relations and cooperation with Suriname are carried out both on bilateral and regional basis, the latter within the framework of the on-going EU-CELAC and EU-CARIFORUM dialogues.


Suriname is party to the "Cotonou Agreement", the partnership agreement between the members of the African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States and the European Union.

The EU-Suriname cooperation strategy for the period 2008-2013 focuses on the transport sector. Other focal areas include micro projects, the rice sector, the banana sector (Special Framework of Assistance), the private sector, environmental management, good governance and democracy.

At regional level, the Caribbean signed, in October 2008, the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) between the Caribbean Forum (CARIFORUM countries) and the EU, a framework to help make trade, investment and development assistance easier for all parties, in particular promoting regional integration.

Suriname and the EU have a long-standing trade relationship, and the EU is the primary destination for Suriname’s exports, receiving almost 25% of exports. After the USA, the EU is the main origin of imports. The main exported products are aluminum, gold, oil, and agricultural produce such as rice, fruit and vegetables, shrimp and fish.

In November 2012, the member states of the EU and the Caribbean adopted the new Joint Caribbean-European Union Partnership Strategy. This Strategy will enhance Caribbean– European Union relations and broaden the engagement by adding a political pillar to the traditional cooperation relationship based on development and trade. The strategy focuses on Regional Integration, Haiti Reconstruction, Climate Change and Natural Disasters, Crime and Security, and Joint Action in Multilateral Fora.

The Benefits Suriname has for people in the EU

Suriname currently is a carbon negative country. And it wants to stay that way. Suriname also wants economic growth, so therefore we invite entrepreneurs, investord and students to start up sustainable companies in the heart of the Amazon.

Today there are many new technologies, like in the field agritech of ehealth where you can set up a new company for export, but also be very innovative, profitable and provide work.

In Suriname we speak Dutch and also almost everyone speaks English. This makes it easy for anyone in the EU to build their own business network very easily.

The rules for starting up a company are almost the same in many EU countries. And once you know the rules, it is quite simple to startup a new company. But of course permits might take some time to acquire.

Suriname as a small population of 600.000 persons in a country that has four times the size of The Netherlands. And we also do not have many companies, incubators or educational organizations. This all provides many opportunities in any area for investors, entrepreneurs and students

Suriname is a democratic and politically a very stable country, and crime is much less than average world wide.

Sieglien Burleson, the Ambassador of Suriname to the EU

The ambassador of Suriname to the EU in Brussels is a former minister of Trade, Industry and Tourism.

Mrs. Burleson focuses on increasing competitiveness in Suriname and strives for equality in business.

Mrs. Burleson also finds education very important. "It is the foundation for the economy to thrive on".

Her vision on the Suriname-EU relationship is that many investors, entrepreneurs and students from the EU can play a vital role with their knowledge and technology in letting the economy of Suriname grow by starting up sustainable export focused companies, and at the same time keeping the Amazon in Suriname green and reduce emission world wide.

For fact finding missions to Suriname, you can always contact the embassy in Brussels. Check out the contact details on this page.

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