Surinamese Entrepreneurs

COVID-19 To Do List for Tourism Entrepreneurs

Do you want to let your company grow in size and revenue?

Discover Suriname is the one stop shop for you as entrepreneur in Suriname.

You can find information about writing a business plan, how to promote your business for investors, about training and how to build international relationships.

Improve your Entrepreneurship

Download the checklist/action plan and take every step that is suggested.

Entrepreneurship Improvement Plan

Writing a Business Plan

Of course you can start a business without plan, but if you want to grow or professionalize it really is essential.

Having a business plan is mandatory for making use of Discover Suriname as a platform to promote your business or investment opportunity.

Read about writing a business plan

If you want training in writing your business plan, please check the training page or come to the Business Academy at the Department of Trade, Industry & Tourism at Havenlaan in Paramaribo.

Getting a Professional Business Partner

Do you want to grow with your company or start to export?

Consider to find a foreign professional business partner, for instance in the Netherlands.

Also, for Surinamese entrepreneurs it is not that hard to startup a private company (BV) or foundation (Stichting) in The Netherlands or Belgium.

This enables you to more easily get a bank account, loans, insurance and other financial services from the Netherlands and Europe.

Promoting your Investment Opportunity

If you are looking for an investor to get funded for business growth, you can make use of DISCOVER SURINAME.

You need to take the following steps in order to get your investment opportunity placed in the investment portfolio.

  • Write business plan
  • Start with the business activities that you can already do
  • Write a signed letter to FDI BIBIS with your goals and intentions
  • Make an appointment with FDI BIBIS for an interview and intake
  • Fill in the investment opportunity template

After these steps your request for placement of your investment opportunity on the DISCOVER SURINAME website will be reviewed.

Normally within two business weeks you will be contacted for the next steps, like improving our business plan or being placed on the site.

A due dillegence may be part of the process.

Building a Website

Today you really cannot do without a website. Companies that have websites (and not only facebook pages) have more credibility and clients.

On the internet there are many sources and providers four building your own websites.

If you want training in building your website, please check the training page or come to the Business Academy at the Department of Trade, Industry & Tourism at Havenlaan in Paramaribo.

Do you have Questions about Entrepreneurship and Investments?

If you have questions about entrepreneurship or investments, you can always contact FDI BIBIS, The Chamber of Commerce (KKF), DISCOVER SURINAME, the Department of Foreign Affairs or the Embassy in Brussels.

At the right or the bottom of the page you will find the contact information.


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