In order to push economic development further, an overview and a number of insights are given here per district:

Trade Missions to the Districts
Employment Plan [Review] Dutch


200 Government Projects

List of 200 government projects of 2023: Onbekend

List of 40 Mangli projects of 2023: Onbekend

President Santokhi has said several times that a program structure has been set up by him in the government to carry out a large amount of 200 projects.

The list of projects, all the project plans, project managers, project budgets and project progress is currently unknown

Emergency situations

In several districts of Suriname there are emergency situations related to health care, education, infrastructure (roads), housing, water and food.

If you would like to contribute with emergency goods or financial means, please contact the district commissioner of the district or the listed emergency relief agency or district contact person. They will help you further.

Contact details are on the district pages.


Do you want to contribute to the economic development of a district or all districts?

Mail your link or document (pdf) with information about the topics to info@discover-suriname.com

The more information we share with each other, the better residents, entrepreneurs, investors, administrators and students can make use of the sustainable development opportunities in a district in Suriname.

Contact us

If you would like to contact administrators, entrepreneurs or residents in a district, please send an email to info@discover-suriname.com