Agribusiness - Investment Opportunities

Vision and Policy

It is our vision to become the granary for the whole of Caricom. Soon the 14 caribbean countries can depend upon Suriname for their basic demand in fruits, vegetables and meat.

Agro-Exportable Production
The combination of fertile soil available at competitive prices, the favorable climate conditions and the abundance of hydric resources, provide the perfect scenario for the establishment of export-oriented agricultural production.

According to the Exportable Offer Study conducted by FDI BIBIS, the products with the greatest export potential are rice, cassava (waxed and frozen), peanuts (processed or shell-less), cocoa (beans or powdered), honey, beans (black and red) and cashews. Other products with great potential are sesame seeds, pineapple, mango, guava, watermelon, onions, vegetables and citrus (especially lemon and oranges).

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Updated on Sunday, October 13, 2019 - 23:00

Current State of Agribusiness in Suriname


Business Opportunities in Agribusiness

The following business opportunities are identified (Q4 2019).

Pineapple Processing Plant

In Suriname there are several options to start a Pineapple Processing Plant (> 5000 ha, > 1.000.000 tonnes)

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Coconut Processing Plant

In Suriname there are several options to start a Coconut Processing Plant (> 5000 ha, > 1.000.000 tonnes)

Find more info on: SuriCoco

Are You Interested To Invest or Startup

If you are interested to invest or startup in Suriname in the agribusiness industry, please contact the appointed person at FDI BIBIS for this industry.