Infrastructure and Logistics - Business Opportunities

Vision and Policy

To enable economic activities in the country we need to improve and upgrade our sea port, airport, highways, canals and railroads. And also integrate them into a holistic network for transport and logistics.

Every district in Suriname must have equal opportunities for economic development. Not only for businesses, but also for school and hospitals. Therefor we need to implement the Suriname Infrastructure Grid.

With that Suriname will have future proof solution to take the next step in growth of the sustainble economy.

Closeby in Brazil, millions of people live. But currently there are no direct roads to major cities at 1500km or 2000km distance or cargo lines.

Many import and export logistics opportunities will arise if we enable trucks, boats and trains to easily transport cargo and people of large distances safe and sound.

Current State of Infrastructure in Suriname


Business Opportunities in Infrastructure and Logistics


Are You Interested To Invest or Startup

If you are interested to invest or startup in Suriname in the infrastructure and logistics, please contact the appointed person at FDI BIBIS for this industry.