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Papaya Plantation
Papaya cultivation: low capital, huge return on investment.


Papaya is considered one of the most important fruits because it is a rich source of antioxidant nutrients (e.g., carotenes, vitamin C, and flavonoids), the B vitamins (e.g., folate and pantothenic acid), minerals (e.g., potassium and magnesium), and fiber.

In addition, papaya is a source of the digestive enzyme papain, which is used as an industrial ingredient in brewing, meat tenderizing, pharmaceuticals, beauty products, and cosmetics.


The papaya tree comes from Central America, including Mexico and the West Indies. The tree was created by crossing wild species. It is a fast growing unbranched tree. The wood of the tree is very soft and the trunk is hollow. At the top of the trunk is a kind of wig of large green palmate leaves. Just below that wig, the fruits grow directly on the trunk.

The name papaya is derived from the Indian papayana, which means to hammer. This refers to the tenderizing enzyme papain contained in the fruit.


According to reports, global papaya production world wide was approximately 13.74 million metric tons in 2019, growing at an annual rate of over 3 percent

This was an increase from around 13.24 million metric tons in 2018.

Papayas are produced in about 60 countries, with the bulk of production occurring in developing economies.

Country Ranking

In 2019 Suriname ranked as country number 55 (= 0.01%) of papaya producing countries with 854 Metric tons.

List of countries by papaya production (Wikipedia)

Papaya Producers

In 2020 Suriname had a few and small papaya producers. This leaves enormous room for growth of the existing farms and the number of farms.

Below you find a list of some operational papaya growers and producers/exporters in Suriname:

  1. Papeeta Basket, Varsha Boejharat (Wanica). Facebook page
  2. NV TAPS, Rick Ong a Kwie (Saramacca)
  3. ... (Brokopondo)
  4. ... (Commewijne)
  5. ... (Coronie)
  6. ... (Marowijne)
  7. ... (Nickerie)
  8. ... (Para)
  9. ... (Paramaribo)
  10. ... (Sipaliwini)

To get listed as producer, send an email to Serious requests will be considered to be entered.

For general information about cultivating papaya in Suriname, please contact LVV, the Ministry of Agriculture or email Chanderdew Kesharia, communications Agriculture.

Business Startups

Below you find a list of companies and entrepreneurs that are interested to become papaya grower, producers and exporters in Suriname:

  1. ... (Brokopondo)
  2. ... (Commewijne)
  3. ... (Coronie)
  4. ... (Marowijne)
  5. Contact District Commissioner, Mrs Gobardhan (Nickerie)
  6. Contact: Mr. *** *** (Para)
  7. ... (Paramaribo)
  8. ... (Saramacca)
  9. Contact: Mr. Fabian Adang (Sipaliwini)
  10. ... (Wanica)

For information about learning how to cultivate and grow papaya in Suriname, please contact ...

To get listed as interested startup entrepreneur, send an email to Serious requests will be considered to be entered.


Investors that are interested to help existing Surinamese papaya producers grow in volume or export, are invited to do so.

You can contact any of the producers above or contact the associations where the producers are united: VEAPS, AKMOS and others.

If you are interested in investing in the startup of a big papaya farm (over 5 Mt per year), please contact or FDI BIBIS, the government one stop shp for foreign direct investment.


Foreign papaya producers, importers and companies that like to partner with Surinamese companies and take them in to tow for a couple years, are also invited to contact the listed producers.

Presentations & Downloads

The presentation below gives an example of investing in a Papaya Farm in Suriname.

Presentation Papaya Farm in Suriname (.pdf) (Dutch Presentation)

The download below provides an overview of agricultural possibilities in Suriname from 2003

Agricultural Possibilities (.pdf) (Dutch Presentation)